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I truly believe that great communication skills can and will change the world. Not only in your personal life but absolutely in the corporate and business world. Successful people, and businesses, know that talent only goes so far. Ultimately you need to know how to take that talent (and your message) and share it with your audience, your clients, your employees. You must learn how to put your best foot forward and shine when the pressure is intense and business is on the line. You must know your brand and know how to put it out to the world – in every aspect of communication!

Business people are not usually performers.” They tend to be more traditional thinkers who often shun the limelight, stay in their comfort zone, and stay away from taking center stage. On the flip side, performers are not usually business people. They tend to be creative free thinkers who color outside the lines, take vulnerable risks, wear their emotions on their sleeve, and they love when the spotlight is shining down on them. I make these two worlds meet. Make the business and creative minds connect and THAT is the sweet spot for success. Having great employees doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to lead and inspire them. Getting the dream interview doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to handle the situation. Standing in front of an eager crowd doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to engage them. Having a great product doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to present it well.

We will work to hone and improve your individual strengths, skills, and talents but more importantly, we will improve your ability to showcase those skills and talents. My business, performance, and media coaching is tangible, success based, and straight-forward. It’s built around my three decades of work in entertainment, media, on stage, and on television. The time is now for you to start making a difference in your life, career, and business. Somebody is going to be successful – why shouldn’t it be you!?


All of my coaching, speeches, seminars, and workshops are custom designed for your company and environment. I have worked individually with C-Level management, led employees at casual leadership retreats, and taught hundreds at intensive corporate settings. It’s your call. The only things that matters to me are results and making a meaningful, impactful difference.


Public Speaking And Presenting – No matter if it is five people or 500, does the thought of getting up in front of an audience scare you to death? It won’t when I am done with you! How to own your stage just like a seasoned pro is exactly what you are going to learn. You will be working the room and captivating your audience in no time. You will finally learn how to give a powerful presentation. Are you lecturing as an industry leader? Speaking at a public trade show? Trying to close a major deal? Make sure you get people to not only listen but to ultimately act. A finely tuned message, delivered by a confident and well trained person, will move, inform, engage and inspire an audience.

Corporate to Camera – This is truly my expertise and I love helping others shine when the cameras are rolling. TV appearances, corporate videos, media interviews, work coaching, employee reviews, the list goes on and on. Like it or not, we live in a YouTube, Facebook Live, viral video, “everything can and will be filmed” world and sooner or later there will be a need for your business, and your people, to have on-camera skills. I have spent my life on camera in the national spotlight and I absolutely know how to get the job done when the cameras are rolling. Working and performing on camera is a true art form and I will help you master that art.

Media Interaction and Relationships – How is your company spokesperson? Do you even have a company spokesperson? Sooner or later, because of publicity, or success, or crisis – companies find themselves dealing with the media. Are you ready? It is one thing to interact with the media when they come to you, and need you, but do you also know how to get them to come to you – when you need them!? Put your spin on your message, products, and people. Manage your public relations by knowing how to manage your media relations. Learn how the media works – the differences between, digital, social, broadcast, print, and online media. Learn how to be proactive, how to get your story heard, and how to “pitch and sell” the media on you and your story. Make sure your message and your employees are representing you well. Get ready to handle the tough questions, give a great sound bite, and have your “spotlight moment” shine – especially when it goes viral

Digital Media Marketing, Online and Web Presence, “Old School” PR – Social media, videos, photos, websites, podcasts, blogging, vlogging… the list goes on and on. In case you missed the memo, it’s a new age, a new marketing world – and it has been for quite a while. But, are you up to speed? Digital and social media can be great assets to an individual, business, or brand but handled poorly, and they can be a big waste of time and actually hurt you. The same rules apply for traditional media outlets. You have to know how to get exposure and how to best capitalize on that exposure. It’s not just about “being seen” – it’s all about building your brand, your message, and your exposure in the right way! When you talk you want people to listen, care, be moved, be inspired, and take action. It’s a simple goal but it’s not an easy goal. We live in a distracted world where it gets harder every day to get other people to pay attention. You need to learn how to grab attention and focus even in a fast moving, social media crazed, selfie loving, short attention span world. I will work with you on a custom media, website, and campaign design! 

Communication 101 and Corporate Culture – Does your team, your staff, and your leadership all have the same style and communication techniques? Great companies and managers lead by example. Great employees follow that example in dealing with clients, customers, and other employees. What do your company communication skills say about you and your business? What is your corporate voice? Are you sending a clear, consistent, positive, and authentic message about who you are and what you represent? You should be. The business world spends millions of dollars, and countless hours, researching the best communication and leadership techniques all in an effort to improve the abilities and effectiveness of leaders and companies. However, the truth is that very little focus is given to the people at the core of those companies. When you improve how people interact, and when you increase their personal value and their self awareness, success will follow. Learn how to cultivate an environment and communication style that will have your employees happy to walk in the door.

The Language Of Leadership – Do you know how to lead? Do your leaders now how to lead? Seems simple enough right? Wrong! Just because someone has the plaque on the door, or sits in the corner office, or is the big man or woman on campus does not mean they are equipped to lead. If you want to lead, you first have to learn to follow. Leadership is an art form all its own. Authentically communicating with your employees, your peers, your clients, and the world in a way that inspires and connects is what it is all about. Being an effective leader has nothing to do with your title or your salary. It has everything to do with how you relate to those around you – and first you must understand human behavior, human emotion, and the effect that words have on people. When you understand who your are and how to work with the people around you, then you will start getting results.

Management Mindset – The days of being an out of touch, non-interactive, bad communicating boss are long gone. Or they should be if you want your business to grow, thrive, and win. Great leaders are great communicators – real, authentic, grateful, approachable, and yes, vulnerable. Unique people, strong leaders, and inspiring communicators don’t follow the rules. They set their own path, a path that is true to who they are and what they feel. Their presence, passion, and authenticity shine through and that is what makes them great. You must become great at influencing different personalities, different clients, and different employees.


Change Your Mindset. Find Your Voice. Own Your Story. I help people communicate better – In life, at work, with themselves.
I work with extraordinary people who want to change their world. Strong companies that want to change the corporate culture. Men and women who want to improve their lives and improve the lives of others. A select group who are truly ready to own their stage and own their story! You are one of those people, you just might not know it yet!