The Premier Property Group Is Coming to Seascape

2017-08-22T18:05:44+00:00 beach, business, guy guyde, life, real estate|

The Premier Property Group is moving to Seascape Towne Centre! I am so proud and happy to work for the leading luxury real estate brand on the Emerald Coast... and now that brand is growing. PPG is opening a new office [...]

The Art Of Packing A Suitcase

2017-05-13T16:13:18+00:00 beach, guy guyde, home, life, luxury, style, travel|

Packing a suitcase is an exercise in maximizing space and minimizing wrinkles. Here are our tips for perfectly using your luggage space. Start with the clothes.... Remember this order of operation: shirts on the bottom, then dresses (if applicable), [...]

Ride On… With A Carrying Case!

2017-05-09T23:24:17+00:00 beach, food, guy guyde, home, life, luxury, style, travel|

First things first… what do you think about the gadget pictured above, a 6-Pack Bike Frame Clasp? Is it a good idea? Or just another novelty that will end up tossed in the attic? Would you rather walk when carrying your [...]

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