The Premier Property Group Is Coming to Seascape

2017-08-22T18:05:44+00:00 beach, business, guy guyde, life, real estate|

The Premier Property Group is moving to Seascape Towne Centre! I am so proud and happy to work for the leading luxury real estate brand on the Emerald Coast... and now that brand is growing. PPG is opening a new office [...]

Rob Youngblood Joins The Premier Property Group

2017-05-17T00:55:29+00:00 business, guy guyde, life, news and press, style|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - The Premier Property Group announces Rob Youngblood as new agent. Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, May 16, 2017 — The Premier Property Group is pleased to announce Rob Youngblood has joined the locally owned and independent [...]

Where Is Dear Abby When You Need Her!?

2017-05-13T18:48:11+00:00 business, communication, guy guyde, inspiration and motivation, life, parenting, relationships|

In all my years in Hollywood, one of the main things that I learned that helped with my success was to be direct-able. In other words, learn to take advice, even if it isn’t necessarily good advice. All the [...]

For The Love Of Money – Please Stop Selling!

2017-05-13T18:19:03+00:00 business, inspiration and motivation, life|

I hate sales (no, not great discounts at Best Buy or Target), I'm talking about selling, sales tactics, sales seminars, sales coaching, anything and everything that has to do with selling and sales. I loathe it and so should you. Please [...]

The Business of Parenting

2017-05-09T21:41:38+00:00 business, communication, dude and dad, guy guyde, home, life, parenting|

Lately I feel like I am in business with my eight year-old son. Let me explain. As he goes through, what I will lovingly call a “feisty” stage, I find myself bargaining and negotiating with him more and more. Sure, [...]

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