Three (Unique) Ways To Be A Better Parent

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We all know the basics of being a good parent. Be kind, be understanding, be loving, be compassionate, be strong, etc. etc. etc. But there are also quite a few unique ways to be successful in parenting by thinking just [...]

Raising Independent Children With Strong Beliefs

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Are you raising your children to have your beliefs or strong beliefs?  Seems like a simple question but, the more you consider it and think about it, the more complicated it becomes.  As parents, we tend to think we should make all the decisions for [...]

We Rad Dads Podcast

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I was recently a guest on the WE RAD DADS podcast and had a great time. It was one of the best, and most favorite, interviews that I have done in a long time. Please click the link below to listen [...]

11 Ways You Are Failing As A Parent!

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School is in session… are you failing Parenting 101? I am never one to judge or question somebody’s personal parenting style or wisdom.Hey, they are your kids, you do what you want. Good or bad, right or wrong. You ultimately have no one [...]

Three Tips To Teach Children About Reliability

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The road to being a great man starts with being a good boy! The journey to responsibility starts with small steps early in life. And that journey often begins with three great core principles. Dependability, accountability, and reliability. All three are pretty much the same thing when [...]

Feedback Versus Criticism

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Let’s be honest, none of us really like criticism. We accept it and, if we are smart, we learn from it but even those of us with thick skin cringe when someone gives us words that we don't want [...]

Carving an Awesome Pumpkin

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Yep, it’s getting close to that time again – pumpkin carving time! Time to get out the tools and carve a great Jack-O’-Lantern! Us Youngblood Men usually wait until close to Halloween to carve our pumpkins. It really gets my son into the spirit and it [...]

Communication Tips For Long Distance Parenting

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My ex-wife (and the mother of my son) lives in a different state than my son and I, but we still have a strong and healthy relationship – and we co-parent very well. One of the main reasons we [...]

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