Why A Good Dog Will Make You A Great Man

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There’s a very good reason why dogs are known as man’s best friend. Taking on the responsibility of owning a dog is a big step that not only gets you a great companion but also helps make you a

Setting Rules For Children

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Is the word “no” part of your vocabulary? Do you have trouble enforcing the rules with your children? Are you frustrated because your little angel is starting to act more like your little devil? Don’t feel bad, you are not

Spread Some Joy

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FOUR SIMPLE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE HOW EASY IT IS TO MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY COMPLIMENT A compliment is something that everyone appreciates. Think about how good it makes you feel when someone compliments you. Yes, it’s a small thing but it certainly

Why You Should Talk To Your Kids About The World

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Have you ever thought about reasons to talk about the world with your children? Maybe your child has questions about something they heard on the news or something talked about at school. You can’t avoid the hard topics with

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