We Rad Dads Podcast

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I was recently a guest on the WE RAD DADS podcast and had a great time. It was one of the best, and most favorite, interviews that I have done in a long time. Please click the link below to listen

11 Ways You Are Failing As A Parent!

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School is in session… are you failing Parenting 101? I am never one to judge or question somebody’s personal parenting style or wisdom.Hey, they are your kids, you do what you want. Good or bad, right or wrong. You ultimately have no one

Three Tips To Teach Children About Reliability

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The road to being a great man starts with being a good boy! The journey to responsibility starts with small steps early in life. And that journey often begins with three great core principles. Dependability, accountability, and reliability. All three are pretty much the same thing when

Three Tips For Relationship Bliss

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There are countless ways to treat woman well and show her respect (and frankly, you should be trying to master all of them!) but, short of achieving that daunting task, here are three sure fire ways to keep your

Where Is Dear Abby When You Need Her!?

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In all my years in Hollywood, one of the main things that I learned that helped with my success was to be direct-able. In other words, learn to take advice, even if it isn’t necessarily good advice. All the

Feedback Versus Criticism

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Let’s be honest, none of us really like criticism. We accept it and, if we are smart, we learn from it but even those of us with thick skin cringe when someone gives us words that we don't want

For The Love Of Money – Please Stop Selling!

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I hate sales (no, not great discounts at Best Buy or Target), I'm talking about selling, sales tactics, sales seminars, sales coaching, anything and everything that has to do with selling and sales. I loathe it and so should you. Please

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