I am trying to keep my mouth shut… I swear I really am!
As I walked through my stunning coastal forest this morning, enjoying the fresh sea air, marveling at the old growth pines, staring at the rolling sand dunes, and taking in the majesty that is our planet – my blood pressure continued to rise right along with global temperatures.
I know exactly how fortunate I am to experience nature and all of her beauty on a daily basis. I also know that so many people in the world do not have that luxury.
This is not at all about politics. Not about left or right. Not about liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, old-school or new age. This is about common sense, simple science, and leaving the world a better place for our children. This is about humanity.
Who in their right mind would not want to do anything and everything possible to help protect the environment and our planet? Out of all of the things that POTUS has done, I truly think this makes me the most upset and the most mad.
It makes absolutely no sense to leave the Paris Accord. None.
Even the coal industry and Exxon Mobil, the biggest oil company on the planet, wanted to stay in the Accord. NASA and the leading scientists of the world, over 95% of them, have proven that global warming truly is a problem. But nope, we stuck out our tongue at that notion and went on our merry, oblivious way.
Somehow, inexplicably, for reasons that seem to be purely from the ego of a petulant child… our leader has a different opinion. I absolutely do not understand it at all. It is an opinion not based in fact but based in… I have no idea what!
We are now one of only three major countries in the world that is not a part of the Accord. Heck, even North Korea supports it.
But again, here we stand, thumbing our noses in the face of any common sense and intelligence. We will take our attitude and our toys, storm out of the proverbial sand box and go home with the argument that this is a decision that is best for America. Sorry, but it is just not that simple. This is not what is best for America and any American with a modicum of common sense knows that.
I continue to be optimistic, I continue to have an open mind towards 45, but at some point… this foolishness and ego has got to stop.
On the flipside, I am massively encouraged by the individuals, the states, and the corporations in our country that are putting up the good fight and continuing to work hard to preserve and protect the planet.
Thankfully, because of them and because of informed people who care more about the big picture, we will continue to make strides. Hopefully those strides are enough.
Many of you are probably not old enough to remember just how bad air-quality was in this country 30 or 40 years ago. Ask your parents, do some homework, look into it. CO2 omissions have decreased drastically just in my lifetime and it is fantastic… but it is not enough. We as humanity, and as a global culture who care for each other, need to do more.
I strongly encourage you to do your part, even on your microscopic level. Recycle, volunteer, educate yourself about alternative energy and simple ways that you can decrease your footprint on the planet each and every day. Information and education is power.
Please make a difference. Do not be swayed by politics, do not be swayed by the misinformed, do not base your decisions on a lack of knowledge or a fear of the unknown. This is 2017, information is at our fingertips each and every day. Use it, learn from it, growth from it, pass it along.
Going through life uninformed, apathetic, and with the attitude that it is “not your problem” simply won’t work. If you live on this planet, it is your problem!
I feel so fortunate to live along the coast where one of our mantras on the beach is to “Take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints!’ And this is a coast that I want my son and his son and his grandson to be able to enjoy 100 years from now. I want them to be able to enjoy the gorgeous nature that so many of you take for granted. That I often take for granted.
It is time that no one takes it for granted anymore.
Start educating yourself right now… here is a great piece from NPR – enjoy.