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Joel Cornell writes about it all; mostly tech, gaming, esports, and media. He’s spent twelve years writing countless forms of content in industries ranging from architecture, green energy, and education to comics, music, media, and design. When he’s not writing for How-To Geek, Joel’s either worldbuilding, honing his skills in a fighting game, or out on the trail with his dogs.

Latest Articles

A Windows 10 desktop with a pinned Edge icon.  1
Big Chrome logo. 1
How to Change Chrome's Default Zoom Settings

Give your eyes a break when using Chrome.

Discord open on a PC.  1
How to Hide What Game You're Playing on Discord

Want to hide your gaming activity from Discord friends? Use this setting to stop Discord from displaying metadata about your activity.

Discord open on a PC.  1
How to Configure Your Microphone and Headset in Discord

Discord is great for voice chat while gaming, but bad voice quality can ruin the game. Configure your input device for crystal clear sound.

Discord Text and logo on Discord's unique blurple background. Header. 1
What Is Discord, and Is It Only for Gamers?

No, it's not just for gamers.

Roku Twitch Logos on grey background. 1
How to Watch Twitch on Roku

Amazon no longer offers an official Twitch app for Roku, but you can still watch Twitch on a Roku.

Google Chrome download page 1
How to Install or Uninstall the Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is one of today's most popular browsers. Here's how to install and uninstall it on all of the most popular operating systems.

Jackbox and Zoom Logos 1
How to Play Jackbox Games Online with Zoom

You can play Jackbox party games on Zoom with your friends and family no matter where they are! Just pick out a few games and download them to your Mac or PC.

Dusty Xbox Controller 1
How to Sanitize Your Xbox Controllers

These official guidelines will help make sure that your Xbox controllers are both cleaned and sanitized. Don't forget to wash your hands!

Xbox One And Google Assistant 1
How to Control Your Xbox One with Google Assistant

Did you know you can now control your Xbox One with voice commands through your Google Assistant? Here's how to try it out!

Microsoft Teams Logo 1
How to Create a Dial-In Conference with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides accessible audio conferencing solutions. Here's how to let people dial in to an audio conference.

Screenshot of Xbox One Notification Blurred from Xbox Settings Menu 1
How to Turn Off or Customize Xbox One Notifications

Don't want achievement or other notifications interrupting your Xbox One gaming? Here's how to turn them off.

Quibi Logo 1
What to Watch on Quibi: The 10 Best Shows

Quibi is a cheap streaming service meant to be watched on the go. Still, it has plenty of top-tier comedy, horror, and docuseries.

Microsoft Office in a Magnifying Glass 1
How to Check Emails for Accessibility in Outlook

Use Microsoft's Accessibility Checker in Outlook to make your emails better and more accessible for your audience.

Baby Holding Xbox Controller 1
How to Set App and Game Limits on Xbox One

Want to protect your kids from inappropriate content on Xbox One? Just set up a Microsoft Family Group! We'll show you how.

Child Holding Xbox One Controller 1
How to Set Content Restrictions on Xbox One

You can block apps, games, websites, and other content for children on an Xbox One. Here's how.

One Sad Gamer 1
How to Limit Screen Time on an Xbox One

Set time limits for your Xbox One with Microsoft Family group.

Teal Steam Logo 1
How to Turn Off Steam's Popup Ads

Tired of Steam launching with pop-up ads? Here's how to turn them off.

HBO Max Logo on Laptop 1
How to Manage HBO Max Profiles for Kids and Adults

Create user profiles in HBO Max to restrict a kid's access to inappropriate content based on rating, or just to keep your preferences yours.

Microsoft Teams Logo 1
How to Pin and Reframe Video Feeds in Microsoft Teams

While Microsoft Teams doesn't provide different video chat layouts like Zoom or Google Meet, you can still pin and resize your video feeds. Here's how.

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