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Discord open on a PC. 1
How to Fix Microphone Not Working in Discord on Windows

Unless the mic is physically damaged, these solutions will help fix the problem.

A Windows 11 computer placed on a table close to a speaker. 1
How to Use Your Android Device as a Speaker on Windows

Hand over your PC's voice to your Android smartphone!

AirPods Pro 2 resting on iPhone with AirPods settings on screen 1
AirPods Pro Adaptive Audio: How to Use It to Improve Your Audio Experience

With Adaptive Audio, your AirPods dynamically respond to your environment to enhance what you hear.

Spotify on an iPhone.  1
How to Clear Your Queue on Spotify

Who even invited this song?

JBL Clip 5 press image 1
JBL’s Latest Bluetooth Speakers Have Better Sound and Straps

Big improvements to its affordable speaker line.

YouTube Premium in the YouTube mobile app running on an Apple iPhone 14 Pro. 1
How to Extract Audio From a Video File on iPhone

One tap to extract audio from a video like magic.

Switch Lite with Skullcandy earbuds 1
The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Nintendo Switch of 2024

Here are the absolute best Bluetooth headphones for your Nintendo Switch.

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A Microphone.  1
How to Build a Streaming Radio Server With Icecast on Linux

Want to self-host your own streaming radio station online?

Person holding the Treblab Wireless HD Headphones z2 1
How to Fix Your Headphones Not Working on Windows 11

Don't suffer in silence—here's how to get your headphones blasting music once more.

A Windows 11 PC.  1
How to Change the Notification Sound on Windows 11

Tired of hearing the same sound day in and day out?

The Best Smart Speakers of 2023

Smart speakers are the central pillar of a connected home. Here are the best ones to pick up today.

Soundcore Space Q45 headphones, case, USB-C charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, documentation, and case on a table 1
Should You Connect Your PC Headphones With USB or the Headphone Jack?

Even headphones have too many options these days

Koala Sampler on the App Store on a smartphone. 1
How to Use Your iPhone, iPad or Android Phone as a Sampler

Why spend thousands on hardware when you can spend less than $10 on an app instead?

WiiM Amp Hero 1
The WiiM Amp Is More Than Just an Amplifier

It's an audio server, Chromecast target, and amplifier all in one package.

front view of the Hi-Res Onyx 1
Victrola Hi-Res Onyx Review: A Solid Record Player With Bluetooth

A modern tech-infused turntable, perfect for people interested in getting into vinyl records.

An iPhone on a table.  1
How to Remove Audio from a Video Before Sharing It on iPhone

No more annoying background conversations.

The AirPlay logo over a bookshelf speaker and subwoofer. 1
4 Ways to Add AirPlay to Any Speaker

Skip the HomePod and use the speakers you already own!

Speakers on a laptop.  1
AirPods Pro and iPhone kept side by side on a white surface 1
Conversation Awareness Is a New AirPods Killer Feature (Here's How to Enable It)

Conversing while wearing AirPods just got easier.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Gen 4 top and front shown 1
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (Gen 4) Review: Better Than Ever, but So Is the Competition

The fourth-generation Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is the best iteration of this interface yet, but while it has grown, the competition has improved too.

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