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About Sydney Butler

Sydney Butler is a technology writer with over 20 years of experience as a freelance PC technician and system builder. He's worked for more than a decade in user education. On How-To Geek, he focuses on creating commerce content with simple buying advice and carefully chosen product suggestions.

Sydney started working as a freelance computer technician around the age of 13, before which he was in charge of running the computer center for his school. (He also ran LAN gaming tournaments when the teachers weren't looking!) His interests include VR, PC, Mac, gaming, 3D printing, consumer electronics, the web, and privacy.

He holds a Master of Arts degree in Research Psychology with a minor in media and technology studies. His masters dissertation examined the potential for social media to spread misinformation.

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How to Play Steam VR Games on Meta Quest With Steam Link

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The Best GPS Dog Trackers of 2024

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The Best PC Cases of 2024

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How to Pick a Gaming Laptop for Work

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How to Use PiP on Smart TVs (And Why You Should)

Yo dawg, I heard you like TV, so I put a picture in your picture.

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