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About Andrew Heinzman

Andrew Heinzman has written about technology for more than half a decade. He originally joined the How-To Geek team in 2018 and served as News Editor of its former sister site, Review Geek.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys music, good food, and spending time with his cats.

Latest Articles

Person using Interpreter mode on the Samsung Galaxy S24. 1
Samsung's Flashy Galaxy AI Tools Won't Be Free Forever

The AI-powered features will cost money after 2025.

The Google TV logo over a light blue background. 1
Google TV Will Show Incoming Calls from Compatible Apps

The new feature is still being tested.

The external webstore warning that will appear in some iOS apps. 1
Some iOS Apps Will Now Link to External Websites for Purchases

This system may provide new opportunities for discounts and promo offers.

The full Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup sitting on a table. 1
Samsung Reveals the Galaxy S24 Lineup with 7 Years of OS Upgrades

It's far from the most exciting Galaxy release, but seven years of software support is fantastic.

A front and rear view of the 2024 Moto G Play. 1
The 2024 Moto G Play Stretches $150 to the Limit

A 50MP camera, stereo speakers, and 46 hours of battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 1
Samsung's Affordable Galaxy Tab A9+ Arrives in the U.S.

The A9+ offers a 90Hz display and on-tablet DeX desktop.

A $25 VISA gift card on a table. 1
How to Deposit a VISA Gift Card Into Your Bank Account

Instead of leaving that money to waste, transfer it to your bank.

The Samsung Music Frame on display at Samsung's First Look 2024 conference. 1
Samsung's New Atmos Speaker Is a Functional Photo Frame

The Samsung Music Frame can also stand in for a surround speaker.

The Acer Swift Go 16 laptop's interior and exterior. 1
Acer Has Updated Its Ultra-Portable Swift Laptops

A sprinkle of AI stuff, a dash of hardware improvements, and some stylistic changes.

The XGIMI Horizon Max projector at CES 2024. 1
XGIMI Takes on Sony with an IMAX Enhanced Projector

Say hello to the XGIMI Horizon Max.

Demonstrating the Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 stand's tilting MagSafe pad. 1
Belkin Gets Topsy-Turvey with Its New MagSafe 3-in-1 Charger

Take full advantage of Continuity Camera and StandBy mode with this charging stand.

The Copilot AI logo on a keyboard key. 1
Microsoft's Copilot AI Is Coming to Your Keyboard

Several new laptops will feature a dedicated Copilot key in 2024.

The 2024 lineup of Dell XPS 13, XPS 14, and XPS 15 laptops. 1
Dell's New XPS Laptops Don't Have Physical Trackpads and Function Keys

This unconventional design was previously featured in the 2022 XPS 13 Plus.

The LG CineBeam Qube 4K projector placed on a wooden table. 1
The Google Password Manager logo on a gradient background. 1
A green iPhone 5c on a table. 1
Forget the Titanium, Give Me a Plastic iPhone

It's time for the iPhone to shed some of its luxurious image.

Apple card buy now pay later. 1
Apple Card and Apple Pay Services Are Having Problems

Apple is working to resolve the service outage.

Signage outside of an Xfinity retail location. 1
Comcast Xfinity Data Breach Exposed 35 Million Customers

Private information, including the last four digits of customers' social security numbers, may have been acquired by hackers.

Mozilla Thunderbird logo 1
Thunderbird for Android Is Delayed, but You Can Test It Now

Download the K-9 Mail app for a glimpse of what's to come.

The Eve Energy Outlet on a white background. 1
Eve's New Energy-Monitoring Smart Outlet Is the First to Have Matter

The Matter standard still doesn't support energy monitoring, though.

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