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Single 2nd-generation Apple AirPod Pro 1
The Best Wireless Earbuds of 2024

The best wireless earbuds offer excellent audio quality, noise cancellation, comfort, and a long battery life.

The Best iPad Accessories of 2023

Learn about the best iPad accessories that protect its screen, convert them into sketchbooks, and more.

The Best Portable TVs of 2023

Need a TV you can take with you anywhere? Here are five great options.

The Best Portable Chargers of 2023

The best portable chargers offer 5,000 mAh or greater capacity and come in different builds and styles.

The Best iPad Stands of 2024

The best iPad stands come in many styles. Some are adjustable, some sit on your floor, and some are even pillows.

Microsoft Teams Logo 1
How to Use a Whiteboard in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Learn how to sketch and brainstorm ideas on a whiteboard in a Teams meeting.

Microsoft Excel logo on a green background 1
How to Use the COUNTIF Formula in Microsoft Excel

Count your values and count your blessings.

Microsoft Teams Logo 1
How to Add Snapchat Video Filters to Microsoft Teams

Add some pizzazz to your Teams meeting with a fun filter.

microsoft teams thumbnails 1
How to Turn On Inline Message Translation in Microsoft Teams

Translate any Microsoft Teams chat thread using inline message translation.

amazon kids plus logo 1
How to Set Up Amazon Kids+

Keep your children entertained with thousands of media titles on Amazon Kids+.

echo plus on kitchen table 1
How to Manage Your Credit Card With Alexa

Learn how to check your credit card account balance and more with Alexa

light gray echo on nightstand 1
How to Have Alexa Alert You When a Person Emails You

Alexa can alert you to incoming emails, letting you know about all or specific senders.

plum echo dot on nightstand 1
How to Donate to Charity With Alexa

Alexa lets you donate to your favorite charity with a simple voice command.

black echo on table 1
How to Make Your Amazon Echo Listen for Specific Sounds

The Amazon Echo can listen for specific sounds and respond just the way you want it to.

silver echo on nightstand 1
NPR News Now app on Echo Show 1
How to Set Up Customized Alexa News Flash Briefings

Alexa now lets you set up customized news flash briefings.

woman creating shopping list 1
How to Share a Shopping List with Amazon Alexa

Give your family and friends a heads-up on what to buy.

Alexa device with groceries on table. 1
How to Order Groceries with Amazon Alexa

Alexa now lets you order groceries from Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, and Prime Now.

Echo Dot sitting on table. 1
How to Use Alexa's Live Translate Mode

Alexa now lets you translate conversations in real-time.

House with many Alexa devices in it. 1
How to See Power Consumption with the Alexa Energy Dashboard

Alexa now lets you view energy usage stats for compatible devices.

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