… AKA – kicking my Asics into gear!

I am lucky enough to spend most mornings hiking and running on the sand, or the trails, or even in the salt water in my coastal paradise of Santa Rosa Beach. My “backyard” is the 2,000 acre state preserve of Topsail Hill with 13 miles of trails and three miles of pristine beach. The Gulf of Mexico here on 30A is clear and smooth enough to even run in it… and it’s a heck of a workout.

I often post a lot of social media pics of my morning excursions and recently, I got a great comment/question on Instagram (follow me – https://www.instagram.com/robyoungblood/) about what shoes I run in and how I dry them out. So, I thought I would share my routine.

How I do “toes in the sand!”

First, my shoes. I seriously love with my Asics Gel Sonoma 3 Trail shoes (Check them out on the Asics website). I switched to this shoe about a year and a half ago and like the comfort and how resilient it is. And, no, I am not getting paid to say that… I just really love this shoe.

Since they get wet and sandy almost daily, I actually own three pair so I can rotate them while they are drying out. Here is how I use them and take care of them…

  • When I get back from the beach, I knock all the sand off of them and dump the inside sand out, then I rinse them in fresh water to get the salt off.
  • I take out the insoles as well and clean them separately.
  • Then I set them all either in the sun on the back patio or in the garage to dry out.
  • I find it takes two solid days to get them completely dry.
  • I also spray the inside of each pair with Lysol about once a week to stop any funky odors or weird germs.
  • When they are completely dry, I brush any remaining sand off them and then…
  • I am off to the races (actually the sand and trails) again!

This routine works really well, especially considering that the shoes are in wet sand and often totally submerged in salt water every week. The only thing I notice is that the material and laces get a little stiff when they dry out but, other than that, they clean up perfectly and they loosen back up after being back on my feet for a while. I think this is a great way to care for trail shoes and you could apply this routine for sand, mud, snow, or whatever element you run/hike in during your workouts.

I hope that helps and please leave a comment or send an email if you have any other suggestions.
Good luck on your workouts and always #OwnYourStory