One Hell Of A Grilled Cheese

I have been cooking a lot lately and I was in the mood the other day for a great grilled cheese sandwich. But, not just any old Velveeta and Wonder Bread throw back to mom… no, no my friend. I wanted the goods! That is when I remembered one of my favorite spots, Grahamwich in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, owned by chef Graham Elliot, and their unbelievable take on grilled cheese. So, I found the recipe, made a batch, ate until I was seeing Wisconsin cows in my sleep and decided I had to share the goodness with you.

This baby may take a little more time and effort but trust me, it is sandwich art (or food porn as Bourdain would say) and you will truly impress the gang with this melt in your mouth delicacy. Here you go and, as a bonus tip/hint, the secret is the tomato marmalade. Get that right and you are golden!


White Pullman Bread, 2 slices
4 year aged Wisconsin cheddar, 4 oz shredded
Shave prosciutto 1/2 oz, sliced paper thin
Wisconsin cheese curds, 1 oz


Tomato = (67 oz)
Onion = (7  oz)
Garlic = (0.5 oz)
Vinegar = (33.5 oz)
Sugar = (17 oz)


Prepare the tomato marmalade… combine the tomato, onion, garlic, vinegar in sugar, place in a small pot, and set to simmer. (It’ll take 5 to 7 hours to reach marmalade consistency.) Make sure to stir so that it does not scorch the bottom of the pot. Puree in a high-quality blender and season with salt. (Note: this will make a LOT of marmalade, but you will only need about two ounces for the sandwich).

Once the marmalade is ready, you can switch to regular grilled cheese making mode. Spread the marmalade on one side of each bread slice, add the cheddar, prosciutto and cheese curds between the slices and grill in a skillet until the cheese melts completely.

Serve on a sleek white plate (as always to show off your food) and let the yum comments begin!

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