Coaching realtors – and being a realtor myself – it never ceases to amaze me when I hear a realtor downplay the importance of social media. Well… it’s 2018 and if you are not working social media, you’re going to get left behind by your competition. Social media can be an amazing part of your business. You can reach literally millions of people. Potential clients will see your brand like never before. So make sure you are showcasing it in the best way possible.

Here are five basics to get you off and running…


I’m leading with this one because this is the mistake that I see most often. If you are only posting on social media when you have an open house or a new listing… You’re failing miserably! The quickest way to have people ignore your message is to only try and sell them something with every post. Instead… give them value, give them information, give them a reason to follow you and trust you. Then when you do have a great open house, they will like you, know you, and value your opinions and ideas… and just maybe show up.


Figure out who your audience is and when they are on their social platforms. It does absolutely no good to put out great content at a not so great time. If no one is seeing your posts then you are just wasting your time. Do the research and find what works for you and your market. Post when your audience is engaged.


Oh how I love Instagram! It is a godsend for realtors… if you use it right. Hashtags are the best way to be discovered on social and how potential clients will find your brand. Since Instagram allows 30 hashtags, why are you only using three? Get tagging! Do some research and find the tags that are relevant to your brand and location. You want to experiment with your hashtags and change them depending on what works and what does not.


Show yours! Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and let your personality shine. A bunch of information, facts, and figures will be much more exciting and appealing if you flavor them with who you are. If you’re funny, show that humor. If you’re musically inclined, showcase that. Whatever you are… let it out. Let you, be you. That’s the quickest way to separate you from your competition.


Yep, I have saved the most important for last. Consistency… consistency… consistency! Just like anything with your work, you have to do it on a regular basis. Posting on any social media platform once or twice a week is simply a waste of time… It will get you nowhere. Don’t bother. And you’ll be horribly frustrated. My clients are shocked when I tell them that I want to see them posting two or three or four times a day… and not by automation. Which is an entirely different column and subject. Get consistent, do the work, it will pay off.

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