First things first… what do you think about the gadget pictured above, a 6-Pack Bike Frame Clasp?

Is it a good idea? Or just another novelty that will end up tossed in the attic? Would you rather walk when carrying your brews? Should drinking and cycling ever mix? Or, is it the coolest thing you’ve seen in a while?

I am leaning toward the last choice… pretty darn cool, in a “retro, pedal around your Truman Show neighborhood” kind of way.

The 6-Pack Bike Frame Clasp is one fancy gadget that will allow you to transport your beer from point A to point B. I’ve seen a bike wine rack which seems to work pretty well, but with the beer, I’m thinking there might be a slight problem. Isn’t the six pack too wide to be placed in the middle of the bike without having your knees knock the beer all over the place as you are pedaling? Wouldn’t the bottles interfere with you stroke? Or, especially if they were cold and condensating, wouldn’t they come out or break through the bottom of the case?

Then again, if you use bike routes around the area that are well kept, then this would probably be a great gadget since you aren’t hitting the bumpy pavement. It could also work if you just walk your bike for a short distance, say from the store back to the weekend party.

The good news? It’s only $29 dollars, so it’s  affordable and worth trying out.

Ride on thirsty rider!