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My approach to life is pretty simple. Be honest, open, authentic, vulnerable, grateful, inspired, and inspiring. Follow your instincts and your integrity. Those are my basic principles not only toward life bit also toward my work. It’s a solid foundation for everything we all do everyday!

Youngblood Life and Style represents the coming together of all my years in business and my many different loves and talents. My entire life has revolved around communicating with people in many different ways. Moving them, entertaining them, informing them, inspiring them, motivating them. Telling my story and, more importantly, telling their story. I know the positive impact that being a great communicator can make on your life and the lives of those around you.

My background covers a lot of territory and spans everything from entertainment to entrepreneurship. The majority of my work has been in the public eye and in front of people, in many different forms, around the world. I have been very fortunate in my career. I have worked as a successful TV, film, and stage actor; an Emmy Award winning television host; a network news anchor; a keynote speaker; a television producer; a business consultant; and a media/communication coach.

In addition to all of that work, there are also my real estate and lifestyle ventures. It all started during my early years in Los Angeles when an ex-girlfriend talked me into flipping a house because of my love of business and my home improvement skills. I took the challenge and two months later I had renovated my first home and sold it for a $30,000 profit. I was hooked and realized that I could combine my real estate savvy with my life and style knowledge to create fun and successful projects. Cut to today, 20 plus years later, and the number of “flips” and houses is now well into the double digits and my passion and expertise for all things real estate, business, and life and style related has never been stronger.

Thankfully, along the way, my TV and media work was also very successful. I starred in numerous major television shows and film projects, produced and hosted many other projects (for The Travel Channel, HGTV, the Food Network, the Outdoor Channel, etc.), anchored news broadcasts for FOX, CBS, and ABC, and have written for a variety of magazines and web outlets – including the popular and successful Guy Guyde. It has been an amazing and fun ride to say the least.

With all of that work and knowledge in my back pocket, about five years ago I started meshing my business and creative talents and began working with businesses and real estate professionals on their media, marketing, and branding efforts. Teaching them how to optimize their talents to best meet their professional goals and the goals of their clients. At the same time, I started increasing my work in the lifestyle and real estate worlds with the plan to fully launch my brand and company in one of my favorite areas of the world (and what had long been my second home) Naples, Florida. I knew I would ultimately retire here one day but I finally decided why wait another 20 years to make it happen… let’s do it now!

And here we are, my young son Evan and I, living the beach life that we both love. I am happy to say it was a great decision and my only question is… why did I wait so long!?

Youngblood Life and Style continues to expand with a growing presence in both the local and national media markets and the real estate side of the company is growing fast as well. I have recently partnered with The Premier Property Group, the leading luxury real estate company on the Emerald Coast of Florida, and Luxury Portfolio International, the leading luxury real estate company in the world. These two companies give me the perfect place from which to serve clients with their home, life, and style needs and goals.

For me, real estate goes far beyond just finding a home to buy or finding a buyer for your home. It’s more about finding the right situation and finding a home that fits your life and style, especially when it comes to coastal living. On both sides of the equation it is all about storytelling, making sure you are telling (and owning) the right story… your right story.

“Luxury Life Meets Coastal Style” is not only my business brand and mantra but I also believe it’s a great and rewarding way of life. And the word luxury doesn’t always mean expensive. Luxury is the ability to be true to who you are and go after what you want. To “Own Your Story” both literally and figuratively. Something that I am very familiar with and it’s truly a way of life here in Southwest Florida.

Personally and professionally, I believe in living everyday like there is no other. My hobbies and passions include (of course) everything beach related, golf, cooking, photography, hiking, and enjoying every moment with my great son. He truly is my world and the love of my life. If you want to learn more about myself and my work, please scroll down the page for my long form biography and media kit. I also invite you to take a look around the website, learn more about what I do, and then reach out to me so we can figure out exactly how I can help you with your life, style, and real estate goals.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you!
All the best – Rob




(For Immediate Release, 2017 Media and Press Biography) – Ηe has won an Emmy Award and Associated Press Honors for his television work; portrayed “The King”; chased aliens through a London soundstage; been on stage at the Grand Ole Opry; coached and trained actors, business leaders, and professional athletes as well as celebrities and media personalities; led two different media companies to success; and most importantly, continues to raise a wonderful young son as a single father. Rob has a career that spans almost three decades in the television, film, news, media, communications, and real estate industries. Both professionally and personally, Rob Youngblood is the walking definition of a guy who has lived life and seen it all.

He started his professional life at age 18 working in FM radio for the Oak Ridge Boys. That quickly led him to Los Angeles and a gig as an original “VJ” at Ted Turner’s Cable Music Channel, which is now VH1. When that ended, Rob made his way back to the Midwest and soon found work on the stage and screen in Chicago, which led to a second chance at fame in Los Angeles. Rob once again found himself in front of the camera, but this time in a new role – as an actor. Given the opportunity to appear on the hit CBS show Dallas, Rob jumped at the chance and was off and running on a new career path.

Within a few short years, Rob had established himself in television as a talented performer with a wide range of work. Guest starring roles on popular shows such as Coach (which won three Emmy awards during his time on the series), the highly acclaimed NYPD Blue and its successful spin off, Murder One. He also took on Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger; dove deep underwater in Steven Spielberg’s SeaQuest (portraying Hollywood legend Charlton Heston’s son); played a tough gunnery sergeant on JAG; and turned in a memorable stint on the NBC hit sitcom Just Shoot Me.

During this time, Rob also established himself in film. Smokejumpers for NBC, Twice Upon A Time (a Lifetime Original Movie in which he starred as Molly Ringwald’s husband), and perhaps the biggest role of his career, playing Elvis Presley in the NBC miniseries Elvis and the Colonel, starring along side Beau Bridges as Colonel Tom Parker. Rob portrayed “The King” from the age of 19 until his death and he performed much of the music in the film, earning rave reviews from Entertainment Tonight, TV Guide, Variety, and People Magazine, which called Rob’s portrayal ”the best Elvis ever!”

All of this work soon led to Rob starring in his own TV shows. First, Space Precinct, the international hit sci-fi series which was seen in over 50 countries and filmed at the legendary Pinewood Studios outside London. Then, he starred in LA Firefighters, the highly acclaimed drama from FOX Television, he also spent a season as the evil Dr. Dorman on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and after that joined Aaron Spelling’s Melrose Place, where he was a regular part of the cast during seasons five and six.

During this time, Rob also developed a solid reputation for coaching actors. Not just on the craft of acting but more so on the art of “landing a job” and coping with life in the entertainment industry. His style and skill earned him the trust of many big name clients, major Hollywood agencies, and industry leading casting directors. Soon, his coaching gained a following outside of the entertainment community and Rob found himself serving as a public speaker and media coach for many different types of business professionals throughout Los Angeles. His approach and advice for “Owning Your Stage” is still being sought out and used to great success almost 25 years later.

Journalism and a trip to the Midwest were next on the itinerary. In 2003 he found himself on TV again, but this time working for FOX News in Indianapolis reporting, anchoring, and hosting a travel series called Destination Adventure. The success of those adventures inspired Rob and soon a hit PBS travel series was born. What A Weekend was developed, produced, and hosted by Rob. The series found him all over the United States in search of adventure and fun. On the list, spelunking in Mammoth Cave National Park, exploring the historic Biltmore Estate, fly fishing the Au Sable River in Michigan, and being on stage at The Grand Ole Opry.

The success of “WAW” led Rob to form his own production company producing travel, lifestyle, and leisure projects. He was fortunate enough to work with some big name clients. Among the list CNN, The Travel Channel, DIY Network, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, The Newport Aquarium, The Food Network, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. During this time, Rob continued his work in front of the news camera, anchoring for CBS and WCSC in Charleston, South Carolina. It was during his time in Charleston that his best and most important “production” happened – the birth of his son.

However, the seemingly charmed life that Rob was leading soon changed. His beloved father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and immediately Rob, along with his wife and newborn son, headed back home to Indiana to be with his parents. While there, Rob went back to the news anchor desk at WISH TV, the CBS affiliate in Indianapolis. During this time, he covered many major news stories including President Bush on Air Force One, President Obama in Chicago, and reporting live from pit row during the historic Indianapolis 500. He also won an Emmy Award and Associated Press honors for his work.

But being “Back Home Again” in Indiana marked a turning point in Rob’s life and a huge change of direction in his world. His father passed away, his marriage ended, he found himself out of work, his mother was diagnosed with a serious disease, and he was now a single parent with a 14 month old son. This is when Rob decided to head back to his roots, literally. Rob’s family was from Tennessee so he decided that the next stop on the road of life would be Nashville.

This would be where Rob would rebuild his life and start his new endeavors. He had spent a lot of time in and around Music City so he knew and loved the area, And of course, there was also the entertainment industry. Rob had already worked with The Ryman, The Grand Ole Opry, The Wildhorse Saloon, The Bluebird Cafe, and The Country Music Hall of Fame, the seeds had already been sown.

In Nashville, life started to turn around. Rob hosted and produced the hit TV series Impossible Shots for the Outdoor Channel. He also created a life and style successful magazine where he served as Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, and Creative Director. RAZOR Nashville was the only men’s lifestyle magazine in Nashville and one of only a few such publications in the Southeast. During the summer of 2014, Rob also spent a little time back in TV news – a few months in the beautiful Pacific Northwest anchoring and hosting the morning news for KATU, the highly rated ABC Television affiliate in Portland, Oregon.

However, once again, that work was cut short due to tragedy. The health of Rob’s mother suddenly declined and he quickly headed back to Nashville to be by her side. Unfortunately, on New Year’s Eve of 2014, she passed away. For Rob, the beginning of 2015 started with a funeral and a long hard look at his purpose in life. After months of soul searching, Rob decided to combine his media talents with a forgotten love… real estate and home improvement.

During his early years in Los Angeles, an ex-girlfriend talked him into flipping a house because of his home and business skills. Two months later he had renovated that first house and sold it for a $30,000 profit. He was hooked and over the next few years that one project turned into ten. Rob remembered how much fun he had combining his real estate savvy with his life and style knowledge to create successful projects. And fun was exactly what he needed back in his life. Today, 20 years later, the number of “flips” and houses is now well into double digits and his passion and expertise for all things real estate, business, and lifestyle has never been stronger.

Once he jumped fully into this new work, it was obvious that this was where he should be and what he should be doing. His communication and media coaching work took off immediately as well. Businesses, corporate leaders, and real estate pros started seeking out his media and communication guidance as well as his skill on camera. Additionally, he started writing for numerous print and online publications. His parenting tips and stories became a regular feature on the hugely popular Family Focus Blog, one of the leading “mom blogs” in the America. Plus, Robs very popular blog and lifestyle series the Guy Guyde continues to showcase his work in a funny, smart, and insightful take on men living their best lives.

Business wise, his media and communication tips have been featured in The Nashville Business Journal and The Huffington Post. In the summer of 2015, Rob also joined the staff as a guest lecturer at prestigous O’More College of Design, teaching life and communication skills.

With his work world on track, Rob decided to make a major personal move… literally. As he was meshing his business and creative talents by working with companies and real estate professionals on their media, marketing, and branding efforts, he decided to dedicate more effort and time to his real estate and lifestyle brand. The plan was to launch his company in what had long been his second home, the scenic 30A corridor of Northwest Florida. He always knew he would eventually retire there but ultimately decided why wait another 20 years to make it happen!

And that plan is now reality. Rob and his son Evan have made a home in paradise. They settled in beautiful Naples, Florida, within walking distance from the sugar white beaches and emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. His company, Youngblood Life and Style, started to expand with a growing presence in both the local and national media markets and in the local luxury real estate market as well. Rob recently partnered with John R. Wood Properties, the leading luxury real estate company in Southwest Florida and JRW gives him the final piece of his business puzzle, the perfect place from which to serve clients with their home, life, and style goals while still growing his lifestyle brand.

Rob also continues to build on his successful work as a keynote speaker. His passionate, engaging, funny, and inspiring storytelling style has captivated audiences at many major companies and venues including The Hershey Corporation, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Paramount’s Kings Island Amusement Park, Southern Land Company, MGM Resorts, and The South Carolina Aquarium just to name a few.

“Luxury Life Meets Coastal Style” is not only his business brand and mantra but he also believes it’s a great and rewarding way of life. And the word luxury doesn’t always mean expensive. Luxury is the ability to be true to who you are and go after what you want. To “Own Your Story” both literally and figuratively. Something that Rob, throughout his life and career, has been very familiar with. Rob proudly says that now he is truly “Owning His Story” and who knows where that story will take him next! Stay tuned…


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