Stop Trying So Hard!

On a day when we celebrate one of the greatest leaders in our history, let’s all stop trying so hard.

Stop trying to be liked. Stop trying to be feared. Stop trying to be a person you think the world wants. Stop worrying about your voice, your style, your approval rating. Stop worrying about the ROI with your work. Stop worrying about the bottomline and the next step up the ladder.

Stop worrying about the masses and what they do or don’t think of you. Stop worrying about what is in it for you. Stop worrying about tooting your own horn and looking for attention. Stop worrying about your latest post on social media. Stop trying to be perfect. Stop trying to have an image. Stop trying to be what you are not!

Today, let’s all work toward being more like MLK. Let’s stop thinking about our personal needs and wants and START thinking about simply being the best human we can be – each and every day. Lead be example, lead by compassion, lead by understanding. Think less about yourself and more about the people around you. Stop trying to be a leader and start acting like one!

Simply stop trying so damn hard to be everything and just be you. Proud, passionate, and powerful. You will be happy that you did… and Dr. King would be proud!

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