I have been painting and creating art since I was a young boy. It has always been a natural extension of my dramatic flair, creative juices, and love of theatre. I love large statement pieces with movement, bold textures, and lots of layers. It is often a multi-step process, much more than just painting, but I think the end result is worth it. In my eyes, it gives the work richness, depth, and character… it tells a story. And I am nothing if not a storyteller! Much of my work reflects my coastal life and style… the gulf, the water, marine life and fish, coastal landscapes, and abstracts. They are all a big part of my daily world and some of my greatest loves. Everything you see here if for sale unless otherwise noted. Additionally, much of my art is done on a commission basis for private and corporate clients so please inquire if you have a specific idea in mind.

What are the prices you ask!? Well, not surprisingly, I am a little unorthodox when it comes to rates… I let clients name their own price! Frankly, I think that a lot of large scale, custom, original art is simply too expensive. I like it when a piece speaks to a person and they have to have it… that is when it has found a home. If that is the case for you on any of my pieces, just let me know. I’ll tell you what my art typically sells for then you can give me a fair offer… and we will see if we can come to an agreement, a “happy place!” (with apologies to Bob Ross!) Honestly, I would rather make a little less money and have my work make someone feel good than let it sit unsold and alone in my garage!

Please send me an email or give me call with any questions.
Thank you so much for your support and for your love of the arts!


48″ x 60″ – Rich, Bold Color / Large Scale – Textured Plaster and Acrylic On Canvas
A new painting out of the studio… and this may be one of my favorite pieces I have done in quite a while. Something about the colors and movement just work oh so perfectly! Two large green waves rolling and swaying and dancing in perfect harmony.


48″ x 60″ – Rich, Bold Color / Large Scale – Textured Plaster and Acrylic On Canvas
Inside a large emerald green wave as it reaches high against a light blue sky. This one is definitely a statement piece!


Vertical Piece – 30″ x 48″ / Horizontal Piece 48″ x 30″
Tranquil and Peaceful / Large Scale – Textured Plaster and Acrylic On Canvas


48″ x 60″ – Dynamic Color / Large Scale – Textured Plaster and Acrylic On Canvas
One large, intense blue wave cresting with great depth and texture.


Each is 48″ x 24″ – Dynamic Color / Contemporary / Acrylic On Canvas
A pair of cool Koi fish swimming in opposite directions. The paintings are separate works so they can be hung in various configurations to fit your room or style.

SOLD / Commission

60″ x 48″ – Dynamic Color / Large Scale – Textured Plaster and Acrylic On Canvas
A soft blue and white sky gives way to cool emerald waters. The client wanted a large piece to hang in a two story stairwell with neutral, soft colors and a modern beach feel.


48″ x 60″ – Vibrant / Coastal / Dramatic – Textured Plaster And Acrylic On Canvas
This piece is called “Grayton Swell” because the colors and vibe remind me of one of my favorite places in the world, where my son and I spend a lot of our time… Grayton Beach. For those of you who are not locals, or familiar with our slice of paradise, Grayton is one of our iconic local beaches and last year was voted one of the top three beaches in the country.BTW… If you want to learn about Grayton and check out the top 10 beaches in America, click this link to read more… Top 10 Beaches in America 2018

SOLD / Commission

48″ x 60″ – Flowing / Coastal / Dramatic – Textured Plaster and Acrylic On Canvas
Multiple shades of turquoise with great movement and energy. A cascade of rich waves meeting in the perfect storm.


48″ x 60″ – Sexy / Coastal / Dramatic – Textured Plaster and Acrylic On Canvas
If ever a painting could dance, this would be the one. The minute I started this piece, the shapes looked to me like a couple passionately facing off, ready to do a very intense tango… hence the name. The sweeping movement and structure almost leaps off the canvas as the waves get ready to move and swell.


60″ x 48″ – Sexy, Sweeping, Dark – Textured Plaster And Acrylic On Canvas
I absolutely love this latest work. The pictures don’t do it justice. Dark, intense, sweeping, and sexy… this would look amazing hanging on a white wall over a big king sized bed or as a statement piece in a foyer or office lobby. Where will you put it!?


60″ x 48″ – Large / Modern / Dramatic – Textured Plaster and Acrylic on Canvas


24″ x 48″ – Textured Plaster and Acrylic on Canvas

SOLD / Commission

36″ x 48″ – Acrylic on Canvas

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