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Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones. 1
7 Things You’ll Miss When Switching From Samsung to Google

It's sad to say goodbye, but it still might be worth it.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's app drawer. 1
Your Android Device Is Too Old to Receive Updates, Now What?

Here's what it means when your phone isn't supported anymore.

Close look at the three rear camera sensors on the back of the Google Pixel 8 Pro 1
How to Turn Off All Your Android Phone's Sensors in One Tap

Enable this hidden Android setting to shut off all your phone's sensors.

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A Pixel 6 dialer open.  1
How to Find Your Phone Number on iPhone or Android

It's okay, we've all been there.

Samsung phone with Android 14 logo. 1
How To Check Android Build Number

It's a useful thing to know for a variety of reasons.

Google Discover showing news on the Samsung Galaxy S23+ 1
How to Change the Default Search Engine on Android

You don't have to use Google Search on your Android phone.

A pair of Marshall Motif II ANC earbuds laid out in front of the case-1 1
Five Reasons Why I’m Never Going Back to Wired Earbuds

While wired earbuds boast excellent sound quality and don't require charging, I've decided to part ways with them for good.

Google Pixel 7 standing on a table.  1
4 Tips to Help Fix Connectivity Issues With Your Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

Is your Pixel 7 struggling? Try these quick fixes.

Charging stand on a desk holding an iPhone and an AirPods case 1
Satechi’s New Charging Stands Are Ready for Qi2 and MagSafe

The new charging stands are compatible with MagSafe iPhones and upcoming Qi2 Android phones.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 5 hybrid solution at CES 2024. 1
Lenovo’s ThinkBook Plus 5 Hybrid Runs Windows and Android

A capable Android tablet that doubles as a full Windows 11 laptop.

Google Play Store on a Pixel phone. 1
A collection of moai-inspired sculptures displayed on a white table. These stylized representations vary in color and form, including a pastel pink, a bright yellow, a light grey, and a deep black sculpture, all with the characteristic elongated noses and strong jawlines typical of moai statues. In the foreground is a small, intricate black sculpture resembling a curled tentacle or a looped object, providing a contrast in texture and shape to the smooth lines of the moai figures. 1
10 Phone and Computer Accessories You Can 3D Print

Why buy a laptop stand if you can print one (or many)?

Samsung Galaxy Recents screen. 1
How to Find the Best Deal on a New Phone

Buying a new phone doesn't have to hurt your wallet.

Android storage space screen. 1
Why Freeing Up Storage Space Makes Your Android Phone Faster

Your phone will slow down significantly if you stuff it to the max. The question here is: why does that happen?

Android phone file manager. 1
The Best Alternative File Managers for Android

With the right app, managing files can actually be fun.

The headphone jack and USB-C port on the G91 Pro 1
8 Old Smartphone Features That Should Be Brought Back

I don't want folding screens; I want my front-facing speakers and notification LED back!

Comparing the onyx boox palma to the size of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. 1
How-To Geek Top Posts 2023 1
10 Articles Our Readers Liked Best in 2023

A trip down tech memory lane.

Battery percentage on the Google Pixel 8 Pro 1
How to Enable Secure Private DNS on Android

Your default provider may not be using encryption.

Android phone running Google Maps. 1
How to Save and Find Your Parked Car with Google Maps

Find your car with ease instead of wandering around that parking lot.

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