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An iPhone with the State of Mind feature on the screen. 1
How to Track and (Hopefully) Improve Your Mental Wellbeing With an iPhone

Discover your iPhone's various health tracking features and take charge of your well-being today.

An iPhone mid-way through the iOS update process. 1
Why Won't My iPhone Update? 11 Fixes to Update iOS

Here's why your iPhone sometimes won't update (and what you can do about it).

The Discord app on an iPhone.  1
How to Log In to Discord With a QR Code

This is the quickest way to sign in to Discord on desktop.

person wearing master & dynamic mw09 earbuds 1
How to Fix One Earbud That Is Louder Than the Other

Let's find a way to restore equilibrium to your tunes.

The ChatGPT Official App logo on the sign in page on an iPhone. 1
The 6 Best Alternatives to ChatGPT for Your Phone

Find an AI chatbot that fits your needs.

Rear of the Apple iPhone 15. 1
10 Things You Didn't Realize Your iPhone Can Do for You

Apple hides some of the iPhone's most interesting features well.

Apple Mail app on an iPhone. 1
10 Tips to Use Apple Mail on Your iPhone Like a Pro

Make the most of Apple Mail on your iPhone.

Facebook from Meta loading screen on an Apple iPhone 14 Pro. 1
How to See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile

There's no official stalkers list, but you have one method to find people.

Google Maps logo on a colorful background. 1
Google Maps Has New Privacy Options on iPhone and Android

Remember where you've been, on your terms.

Snapchat and other Social Media apps in an app folder. 1
How to Allow Camera Access on Snapchat

Start making content with Snapchat.

VLC Media Player is a great way to play MP4s.  1
An iPhone with a third-party email app installed.  1
How to Free Up Space Used By Your iPhone or iPad's Mail App

Apple's Mail app doesn't provide a lot of control over how much storage it uses.

An iPhone 15 Pro Max.  1
Some Amazon boxes stacked together.  1
The Google Drive logo on a colorful background. 1
An iPhone Control Panel.  1
How to Clear RAM on an iPhone (and When You Should)

Sometimes you need to clear the RAM yourself.

Vivaldi Browser logo 1
Vivaldi on iPhone Adds Tab Pinning and Search Engine Shortcuts

It's the first big update for Vivaldi browser on iPhone and iPad.

Siri saying Go ahead, I'm listening on an iPhone. 1
Siri Still Sucks (So Here's How to Work Around It)

It's hard to place your faith in Apple's digital assistant when it gets so much wrong.

Google One logo on phone screen stock image. 1
How to Share Google One Storage With Your Family

Set up storage sharing for all those memories.

Close-up of the Network & Internet settings on Android. 1
How to Find Your Hotspot Password on Android and iPhone

It’s right there in your phone’s Settings app.

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