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AT&T Is Raising Prices on Unlimited Plans

It's not all bad news, though.

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Verizon is Increasing The Prices of Legacy Plans (Again)

Keeping those grandfathered plans ain't easy.

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SpaceX Has Started Launching Satellites for T-Mobile Service

Actual nationwide signal might soon be a thing.

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T-Mobile Go5G Plans Now Have Hulu for Free, With a Catch

It won't stay free unless you renew the offer after a year.

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Mint Mobile Just Suffered a Data Breach

Be careful of SIM swaps.

Google Fi family plan options on a smartphone 1
The 5 Best Family Cell Phone Plans of 2023

Easily stay connected with these reliable and speedy family cell phone plans.

Signage outside of an Xfinity retail location. 1
Comcast Xfinity Data Breach Exposed 35 Million Customers

Private information, including the last four digits of customers' social security numbers, may have been acquired by hackers.

Tello Mobile logo. 1
How Does Tello Mobile Compare to AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile?

A relative newcomer has a lot to offer.

T-Mobile logo and storefront in a downtown area.  1
T-Mobile's Latest 5G mmWave Test Goes Up to a Whopping 4.3 Gbps

T-Mobile is pitching mmWave as a way to boost speeds for 5G Home Internet customers.

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Verizon Customers Get Netflix and Max for $10 a Month

The new streaming bundle is exclusive to Verizon myPlan customers.

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Dish's 5G Network is Still Rapidly Growing

Already reaching millions of people.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 1
Surface Pro 9 Owners Get 90 Days of Free 5G Service

The free service trial comes courtesy of T-Mobile.

t-mobile store in a spooky forest 1
The Pros and Cons of Buying Phones From Your Carrier

Should you wander into the dreaded carrier store?

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T-Mobile logo and storefront in a downtown area.  1
A sim tray.  1
How to Protect Yourself From SIM-Swapping Attacks

Even the best-laid security plans can go awry if you fall victim to a SIM-swapping attack. Here's how to protect yourself.

ExpressVPN running on a desktop computer. 1
Do VPNs Hide Data Usage from ISPs or Cellular Carriers?

If you're trying to avoid a data cap, VPNs aren't the solution.

T-Mobile logo and storefront in a downtown area.  1
T-Mobile Is Pushing Customers to More Expensive Plans, but You Can Opt Out

This only applies to customers on Simple Choice, Select Choice, One, Magenta, and Magenta 55 Plus plans.

The Starlink logo with a smartphone using Direct to Cell service. 1
SpaceX's Starlink Cellular Service Launches in 2024

Coming in 2024, the satellite-based phone service works on all LTE phones.

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