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An HP printer on a desk.  1
How to Manage a Printer in Windows 10

Control Panel is still useful.

A Windows 10 desktop with a pinned Edge icon.  1
A person using a Razer mouse with their left hand.  1
How to Take a Screenshot with a Visible Mouse Cursor in Windows 10

Step up to the spotlight, mouse cursor. It's your time to shine!

A keyboard with red Escape button and a red Spacebar.  1
8 Things to Do If a Keyboard Shortcut Is Not Working On Windows 11

Can't seem to get a shortcut to work in Windows 11?

The Windows 10 Startup screen in the settings app. 1
How to Find Hidden Startup Programs Slowing Down Your Windows PC

If your computer chugs at startup, you may have too many programs unnecessarily launching automatically.

Person pressing the button on the Solis Lite Mobile Wifi Hotspot. 1
Computer running Windows 1
What Is Windows 11 Smart App Control, and How Do You Enable It?

Smart App Control helps protect your Windows 11 system from malicious apps, but you may not be able to turn it on.

The Control Panel open, showing the  1
How to Fix Windows Security App Errors and Problems

Fix the Windows Security app and fortify your device against potential infections!

A Windows 11 PC.  1
How to Repair a Corrupted ZIP File on Windows 11

Fix the ZIP and see what's inside.

An unlocked Windows 10 PC.  1
10 Ways to Lock Your Windows 10 PC

Have to step away from your PC and want to lock it?

The Plugable USB C Dual HDMI Docking Station with cables plugged in and the light on 1
Plugable USB-C Dual HDMI Docking Station Review: A Compelling Dock for Windows Users

Plugable’s USB-C Docking Station Provides Ample I/O, but Misses the Mark With Lack of SD and macOS Support.

The Windows logo over a blurry desktop background. 1
Windows 10 and Windows 11 Will Get Weather on the Lock Screen

Get briefed on the weather as soon as you open your laptop.

CES Signage at CES 2024. 1
A few keys removed from a keyboard.  1
How to Disable a Specific Key or Shortcut on Your Keyboard (Windows)

Hush keys or shortcuts on your keyboard!

The Windows search settings.  1
Notepad++ logo. 1
How to Compare Two Files in Notepad++

Highlight the differences in the contents of your multiple files.

A Windows laptop keyboard.  1
How to Replace Any Character with Newlines in Notepad++

Adventure! Excitement! Quickly change how your items are separated in a list!

Task Manager open on Windows 10. It can be used to launch PowerShell.  1
9 Ways to Open PowerShell in Windows 10

It is time to stop using Command Prompt.

A Windows 11 Laptop.  1
Discord visible on a PC screen.  1
How to Fix a JavaScript Error in Discord

There are several things to try before you do a complete reinstall.

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