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Apple MacBook Air M2 resting on desk next to AirPods Pro and PS4 controller 1
Should You Buy a Used MacBook to Save Money?

Buying a used MacBook is certainly cheaper than new, but it isn't always the right choice.

MacBook open on a white desk showing the desktop and menu bar. 1
How to Show and Search Hidden Files on a Mac

Make those hidden files and folders visible with ease.

Clipboard history on macOS. 1
How to View the Clipboard History on a Mac

Copy and paste more than one thing at a time in macOS.

Apple iCloud logo and banner. 1
Is Extra iCloud Storage Worth Paying For?

Cloud-based backups and media storage comes at a cost you should probably swallow.

A Windows 10 PC with the default background.  1
How to Stay Safe When Downloading Software

It's easy to accidentally download malware when looking for popular desktop apps.

MacBook Air M2 with dashed 'cut here' line 1
Decapitate Your MacBook: What Is a Slabtop and Why Would You Want One?

You probably thought a display was a vital piece of the laptop experience, but you were wrong.

macOS Sonoma with WidgetWall customizations 1
7 Top Apps to Customize Your Mac Desktop

Change how your Mac desktop looks and improve functionality at the same time.

Photo of a MacBook Air with Tux the Linux Penguin on the screen 1
Linux Gets Even Better on Modern Macs With Fedora Asahi Remix

This is the best Linux desktop experience yet for M1 and M2 Mac computers.

Apple Mac Mini propped on a table 1
The Best Desktop Macs of 2023

Looking to jump aboard the Apple bandwagon? Here are our top picks from the company's desktop range.

Selecting the text in an iPhone photo. 1
How to Copy Text From Anywhere on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Webpage won't let you copy text? No problem!

Notepad++ on Mac 1
How to Install Notepad++ on Mac

Notepad++ is only designed for Windows, but it can run on Mac with a virtual machine or compatibility layer.

The macOS logo over the default macOS Sonoma background. 1
Apple's macOS 14.2 Adds New PDF and Weather Features

Plus, some of the Messages improvements from iOS 17.2.

The apps panel in Finder in macOS 1
How to Make Login Items and Startup Apps Open Quietly in macOS

Apple removed the option to hide your login apps in macOS Monterey, but there is a way to bring it back.

Creative visualization of the M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chipsets by Apple 1
Apple M3 vs. M3 Pro vs. M3 Max: Which Mac Chip Is Right for You?

Everything you need to know about Apple's M3 lineup of chipsets.

An iPhone with the photos app visible on the home screen.  1
Update Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac Right Now to Fix a Security Exploit

Another zero-day vulnerability affecting WebKit and the Safari browser.

iPhone Mail app in the App Store on an iPhone 1
How to Send Large Files Using Mail Drop on iPhone, Mac, and PC

Bypass email size limits and send large files with Apple's Mail Drop.

Apple Photos App icon on blue background. 1
What to Do if iCloud Photos Aren't Syncing on Your Mac

Start getting all your photos back on your Mac.

Proton Drive logo on a green background. 1
Proton Drive Brings Encrypted Cloud Storage to Mac

The Windows client has been available for a while, but we're still waiting on Linux support.

'Connected to MacBook Air' message on iPhone when using phone as wireless mic. 1
How to Use Your iPhone as a Wireless Microphone on macOS

Skip the USB microphone and try this trick instead.

macOS Sonoma WIdgets for battery status, data, international time, and weather on a purple and pink gradient background 1
I Finally Started Using Desktop Widgets (and You Should Too)

On Mac, Windows, and Linux, desktop widgets are now actually worth using.

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