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YouTube Premium in the YouTube mobile app running on an Apple iPhone 14 Pro. 1
How to Go Frame by Frame on YouTube

You can't do it on mobile, but an alternative exists.

The 'Accounts & Lists' button visible on the Amazon page.  1
How to Turn off Amazon One-Click Ordering Everywhere

Cut down on those one-click Instant Pot impulse purchases with this tip.

The Discord app on an iPhone.  1
How to Log In to Discord With a QR Code

This is the quickest way to sign in to Discord on desktop.

Spotify on an iPhone.  1
How to Clear Your Queue on Spotify

Who even invited this song?

Big Chrome logo. 1
How to Change Chrome's Default Zoom Settings

Give your eyes a break when using Chrome.

Amazon Gift Card. 1
How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card

Let's shop for items with your Amazon gift card!

The Google Maps app. 1
How to Find Your Family and Friends Using Google Maps

Google Maps is good for more than directions.

Google Maps open on a phone.  1
How to Avoid Highways on Google Maps

Take the road less traveled on your next journey!

The side of an Amazon box 1
How to Hide Orders on Amazon

Ever wanted to hide an Amazon order from your significant other?

Reddit app in an app folder. 1
Discord on an iPhone 1
How to Share Your Screen on Discord

Let them see what you've got on your screen!

The Google Maps app. 1
An example of an app that supports end to end encryption is Telegram.  1
How to Find and Join Telegram Channels

Telegram channels are a great way to subscribe to news, media, and interest groups.

Discord on an iPhone.  1
How to Mark an Image as a Spoiler on Discord

Spoiler alert: this will save you from being hated by your friends!

Evernote Hero 1
Evernote Confirms Its Free Plan Is Getting Worse

Everyone's getting stingier these days.

Doordash bag on a bike 1
DoorDash Now Delivers Tech, Not Just Food

One-day shipping? That's too slow.

Android phone running Google Maps. 1
How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps

Dropping a pin in Google Maps allows you to quickly save a new location or find directions to it.

Amazon app on iPad 1
How to Filter Reviews for One Specific Model on Amazon Listings

Wade through the mess of multiple products under one Amazon listing.

Discord visible on a PC screen.  1
How to Turn Off the Discord Overlay

Focus on gameplay by turning off the Discord overlay.

A pin dropped on an iPhone 1
How to Find Latitude and Longitude Coordinates Using Google Maps

Useful if the location doesn't have a street address.

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