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Facebook from Meta loading screen on an Apple iPhone 14 Pro. 1
How to See When You Joined Facebook

Find out how long you've been on Facebook.

The Control Center on an iPhone.  1
How to Add a Shazam Button to Your iPhone Control Center

Apple is finally integrating Shazam into its devices. Here's how to add a Music Recognition button to your iPhone and iPad.

YouTube Premium in the YouTube mobile app running on an Apple iPhone 14 Pro. 1
You Should Disable YouTube's Smart Download Feature, Here's How

It's one of YouTube Premium's worst features.

A Pixel 6 dialer open.  1
How to Find Your Phone Number on iPhone or Android

It's okay, we've all been there.

A camera next to a smartphone. 1
How to Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras With Your Phone

Staying in an Airbnb or hotel? Here's how to scan for hidden surveillance cameras with only your phone.

A collection of moai-inspired sculptures displayed on a white table. These stylized representations vary in color and form, including a pastel pink, a bright yellow, a light grey, and a deep black sculpture, all with the characteristic elongated noses and strong jawlines typical of moai statues. In the foreground is a small, intricate black sculpture resembling a curled tentacle or a looped object, providing a contrast in texture and shape to the smooth lines of the moai figures. 1
10 Phone and Computer Accessories You Can 3D Print

Why buy a laptop stand if you can print one (or many)?

Facebook and other social media apps in an app folder. 1
How to Suggest Friends on Facebook

Introduce your friends to new people.

An iPhone 15 with apps visible.  1
11 Things to Check When Buying a Used iPhone

Watch out for stolen iPhones.

YouTube Premium in the YouTube mobile app running on an Apple iPhone 14 Pro. 1
How to Extract Audio From a Video File on iPhone

One tap to extract audio from a video like magic.

Apple iCloud logo and banner. 1
Is Extra iCloud Storage Worth Paying For?

Cloud-based backups and media storage comes at a cost you should probably swallow.

Games section within the Netflix app. 1
The Best Game Subscription Services for Your Phone

Get all of the best games at your fingertips.

Android phone running Google Maps. 1
How to Save and Find Your Parked Car with Google Maps

Find your car with ease instead of wandering around that parking lot.

A screen shot of Apple Music with the Discovery Station  1
How to Enable Crossfade Between Songs in Apple Music

Level up your Apple Music listening game.

iPhone screenshots displaying Apple Health features. 1
How to Track Your Mood with Apple Health

Discover how to effectively track your mental wellbeing using Apple Health.

Galaxy Tab S9 showing the home screen 1
5 Reasons to Get a Samsung Galaxy Tab Instead of an iPad

It turns out Samsung makes some pretty great tablets.

Selecting the text in an iPhone photo. 1
How to Copy Text From Anywhere on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Webpage won't let you copy text? No problem!

Spotify app icon on a smartphone. 1
How to Delete Your Spotify Cache on Mobile and Desktop Devices

Free a few gigabytes of storage from the clutches of Spotify.

WhatsApp app in an app folder 1
How to Hide Your IP Address During Calls on WhatsApp

Safeguard your location and ISP information during WhatsApp calls.

The Google Maps app on an iPhone. 1
What Is Google Discover, and How Do I View It on My Phone?

If you find yourself lost in internet content, you should try Google Discover.

Galaxy Tab S9 vs iPad 10 1
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE vs. iPad 10th Gen: Battle of the Middle

Samsung and Apple's middle children put to the test.

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