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A laptop running Ubuntu with a Linux Terminal open 1
7 Ways to Append Text to a File on Linux

Let's add to your Linux knowledge.

Person using the Camera app to take photo with the Google Pixel 8 Pro. 1
Photo Privacy on Linux: How to Strip Metadata With exiftool

Removing sensitive information such as geolocation data, creator and date taken from your images before sharing online increases your privacy.

Photo of a MacBook Air with Tux the Linux Penguin on the screen 1
5 Linux Distributions to Breathe New Life Into Old Hardware

Rejuvenate old hardware with lightweight Linux.

A Linux Terminal with the manual for  1
How to Create, Extract, and List RAR Files on Linux

And also do a bunch of other operations on RAR files.

A Microphone.  1
How to Build a Streaming Radio Server With Icecast on Linux

Want to self-host your own streaming radio station online?

LibreOffice icons for Writer, Calc, and Impress 1
How to Install LibreOffice on Ubuntu

Looking for a simple alternative to Microsoft Office on Linux? Start by installing LibreOffice.

Ubuntu logo next to the Fedora logo. 1
Fedora vs. Ubuntu: Which Distro Is Right for You?

Ubuntu once was the go-to recommendation for beginners, but Fedora has closed the gap. Now the answer is not so simple.

A linux terminal open on a laptop running Ubuntu 1
10 Fun Linux Commands to Try When You’re Feeling Bored

Linux doesn't have to be for nerds only.

Arch Linux and Fedora Linux desktops each with a terminal window open running Neofetch 1
Arch Linux vs. Fedora Linux: Which Should You Use?

They're both great. It all depends on what matters to you.

Linux terminal open on Ubuntu, with the dock on the right 1
The lock screen of a Linux PC.  1
How to Change the Background of Your Ubuntu Lock Screen

Give your Ubuntu lock screen a sharp and clear look.

Photo of a MacBook Air with Tux the Linux Penguin on the screen 1
Linux Gets Even Better on Modern Macs With Fedora Asahi Remix

This is the best Linux desktop experience yet for M1 and M2 Mac computers.

A bootable USB drive on a wooden table. 1
5 Ways You Can Install Ubuntu on External Storage

In case you don't want to mess with your Windows installation.

The YouTube logo over a colorful background. 1
YouTube Bug Causing Downgraded Video Quality for Some Firefox Users

A forgotten bug fix appears to be to blame.

An Ubuntu desktop with Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Fedora, and Debian Linux containers open in terminal windows 1
Ports on the back of a router.  1
How to Use Port Knocking on Linux (and Why You Shouldn't)

Knocking politely isn't enough to get you in.

A Linux terminal open.  1
How to Use the Linux cut Command

Extract and parse text with ease with the Linux cut command.

A Linux PC with multiple workspaces open.  1
How to Use the sar Command on Linux

Get detailed technical statistics from your Linux computer, from real-time and historical data.

A Linux Terminal open on Ubuntu.  1
The Raspberry Pi logo on a dark green background. 1
Raspberry Pi OS Finally Has a Dark Mode

You just need the latest Pi OS Bookworm release.

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