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A Windows 10 desktop with a pinned Edge icon.  1
A person wearing gloves is using tweezers to install thermal paste on a computer chip. 1
What Is a Graphene Thermal Pad and How Does It Work?

Graphene thermal pads are a compelling alternative to thermal paste, but are they worth the price?

The Plugable Thunderbolt 4 set up with a laptop and monitor 1
What Is the Gamma Setting on a Monitor or TV?

Let's shed some light on your monitor's arcane secrets.

A person wearing gloves is using tweezers to install thermal paste on a computer chip. 1
What Is a Phase-Change Thermal Pad and How Does It Work?

Is it finally time to ditch thermal paste and liquid metal for good?

Person using a gaming mouse under pink neon lights next to an RGB keyboard. 1
Syncing RGB Lighting Across Brands: Why It's Tricky and How to Do It

Syncing one brand of RGB devices is already tricky. Doing it across brands is outright impossible... or is it?

An artistic representation of a red-hot processor with smoke coming out is depicted on a computer motherboard. 1
What Is TJMax in CPUs?

No, not the department store.

A laptop with a secondary external monitor.  1
How to Rearrange Multiple Monitors on Windows 10

Leaving them reversed is unbelievably frustrating.

A close-up image of an aluminum heatsink mounted on a motherboard. 1
What Is a Heatsink, and How Does It Work?

Beneath their unassuming metal surface lies a surprising amount of complexity.

A Geforce RTX 3050 Ti GPU inside a computer tower under blue light. 1
A close-up shot of a four-pin CPU fan connector connected to the motherboard. 1
A close-up of the AMD Wraith Prism RGB cooler next to four sticks of RGB RAM. 1
What’s the L/H Switch on the AMD Wraith Prism?

Should you set it to wumbo?

Kingston XS1000 External SSD over a black gaming laptop, connected with a USB cable 1
Is It Worth Buying External NVMe Drives Over Regular SSDs?

The wrong choice can make money go up in flames.

CPU Chip on an MSI Motherboard 1
MSI motherboard 1
What Are Chipset Drivers, and How Do You Install Them?

Chipset drivers often get overlooked. Updating them might solve your inexplicable in-game stutters and system-wide crashes.

A large air CPU cooler is being installed onto a motherboard. 1
Are CPU Coolers Universal?

As long as it physically fits into your computer, it's probably fine.

A Windows 10 PC with the default background.  1
How to Factory Reset Windows 10

The nuclear option.

File Explorer options open in Control Panel on Windows 10.  1
12 Ways to Open File Explorer in Windows 10

Need an alternate method to open File Explorer in Windows 10? We've got a dozen!

File Explorer open showing the C:\ drive. 1
How to Format a Hard Drive or SSD on Windows 11

Wipe and prepare your drive for an exciting life of data storage adventures.

Steam Deck Charging Adapter Laying on a glass table 1
There’s One Accessory I Recommend to Every Steam Deck Owner

Solve your Steam Deck charging woes with this tiny Steam Deck accessory.

The Windows Update screen warning you that your PC is not up to date.  1
How to Update Drivers on Windows 10

Do it yourself or let Windows do it for you—the choice is yours!

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