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With smart plugs, you can schedule appliances to turn on and off, control them with your voice, and track their energy consumption. Use our recommended list of smart plugs to find one that's right for your home.

UPDATE: 01/17/2024

We've updated our buying guide with a variety of new smart plug recommendations. Check it out!

What to Look For in a Smart Plug

Most smart plugs have the same general capabilities. They're able to open or block the flow of electricity to turn appliances on and off. However, this only works if an appliance has a power switch that can be "On."

In other words, if your appliance can turn on after plugging it into an outlet, it'll work with smart plugs. If you need to press a button after plugging in an appliance to turn it on, it won't work with a smart plug. Keep this in mind before shopping for any plug.

Smart plugs can connect to various smart assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, HomeKit, and IFTTT. This allows you to control them with the respective voice assistant, usually through the app and by voice.

So, if you have an Echo smart speaker and want to make the most of your smart plug, look for one that supports Alexa. The same goes for other voice assistants. Smart plugs usually can work with all ecosystems, but there are exceptions!

The size of smart plugs is another important factor to consider. Some are incredibly bulky and can take up multiple AC power sockets that are next to each other. Remember that just because a smart plug is bigger doesn't mean it'll provide additional features or perform better.

The last thing to note is that smart plugs are essentially the same thing as smart outlets. The main difference is that smart outlets are bigger, which usually provides more sockets for you to plug in numerous appliances.

Let's take a closer look at some of the best smart plugs on the market.

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Best Smart Plug Overall: Kasa Smart Plug

Kaza smart plug in child's room



✓ Monitors energy consumption

✗ Requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network

✓ Works well with many third-party devices

✗ Doesn't support Apple's Siri or HomeKit

✓ Affordable

✓ Offers Away mode to scare off strangers

✓ Great integration with Google Nest and Alexa

The Kasa Smart Plug makes the top of our list because it pairs seamlessly with Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT, so it's a fantastic smart plug for most people. Apple HomeKit users will have to get a smart plug designed for their smart home ecosystem, but for everyone else, Kasa's plug is a perfect fit.

Once you set up the plug, you can control it all in the Kasa app. There, you can set timers, create schedules, turn the plug on and off, turn on Away mode to make your home look occupied, and monitor run times and usage. You can also use voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant to control the plug.

Although this smart plug needs to connect to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal, it works well with many third-party devices, including other Kasa products. You won't need to worry about compatibility here.

Finally, like most of our recommendations, the Kasa smart plug has a rectangular build to save on space. This one won't take up an extra outlet by being too big!

The $20 set comes with two plugs, but you can get the three-pack for $25. The three-pack is the best value if you're looking to deck out your home with smart home technology.

kasa smart plug
Kasa Smart Plug HS103P2
Best Smart Plug Overall

The Kasa smart plug works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. They're simple and cost-effective!

broadlink plugs in outlet



✓ No need to install a third-party app

✗ Requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network

✓ Offers strong performance and connectivity

✗ Requires Alexa or Google Assistant

✓ Fast and easy set up

✗ Doesn't support Apple's Siri or HomeKit

✓ Same capabilities as more expensive plugs

Looking for a cheap smart plug that can do the job? BroadLink's smart plug costs just $8 for one, but you can get three for $17, or five for $28. We recommend going for the three-pack as you're almost getting one for free.

We chose this as the best budget option for several reasons. For starters, it's definitely one of the least expensive smart plugs on the market, while still providing great value. The plug requires you to have Alexa- or Google Assistant-powered devices, and it also works with IFTTT.

There's no third-party app to download, so you need to connect it to a voice assistant, but there's a good chance you're using one of those anyway if you're decking out a smart home.

Once connected, you can control the plug by voice, set timers, and create schedules. There's even an Away mode, which turns on the plug at random times to make it seem like you're at home. The plug uses a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal, and it has a rectangular build. You can conveniently stack three of these on top of each other, so you can use them in standard outlets easily.

bradlink smart plug
BroadLink Smart Plug
Best Budget Smart Plug

Just need a budget smart plug that gets the job done? BreadLink's got you covered, provided you don't need a plug that works with HomeKit.

Best Outdoor Smart Plug: meross Outdoor Smart Plug

meross Outdoor Smart Plug



✓ Works with HomeKit, Alexa, and SmartThings

✗ Main power cord is a little short

✓ Smart outlets can be controlled independently

✓ Weatherproof protection

If you're looking to get things sorted for your outdoor space, the meross Outdoor Smart Plug makes an excellent choice. This dual outlet smart plug has an IP44 waterproof rating and works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and SmartThings for convenient hands-free voice control.

As well as being waterproof, it has a dustproof and fireproof casing, offering solid all-round protection against the elements. It features a handy hang buckle, so it can be mounted flush against an outside wall, garage, or in your basement—anywhere where your home Wi-Fi might need a boost.

With the meross app on Android and iOS, you can control both outlets independently, setting schedules and timers for your attached devices. You'll need to use a HomePod to enable HomeKit control, but otherwise, installation is a relatively simple affair, no matter what smart home ecosystem you use.

The power cord itself measures 7.5 inches, which is not particularly generous, and is one thing to bear in mind if you're considering investing in this smart plug. However, provided you have a suitable outlet near your desired location, this can work in its favor, as it reduces cable clutter and the chances of tripping over an excess of cord length.

Ideal for installing outdoor smart lighting, sprinkler systems, or even a projector for movie nights, the meross outdoor smart plug offers a versatile solution for smart control of your outdoor appliances.

meross Outdoor Smart Plug Tag
Meross Outdoor Smart Plug
Best Smart Plug for Outdoors

The ideal solution for your outdoor space, the meross Outdoor Smart Plug offers seamless voice control with HomeKit, Alexa, and SmartThings, with independent control of both outlets, and robust protection against the elements.  

Best Smart Plug For Amazon Alexa: Amazon Smart Plug

Person holding the Amazon Smart Plug
Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek



✓ Great compatibility with Amazon Alexa devices

✗ A little pricey

✓ Fast setup in the Alexa app

✗ Doesn't support any other voice assistant than Alexa

✓ High-performance and strong connectivity

✗ Requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network

If you're wondering what the best smart plug is for your Alexa smart speaker or smart display, it's probably the one from Amazon. Amazon's known to make some of the most popular smart home technology today, such as the Amazon Echo. With its $25 smart plug, you'll have an easy time connecting it to your Alexa-powered smart home.

The plug works exclusively with Alexa---Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Apple HomeKit users will have to look for another plug. Through the Alexa app on Android or iPhone, you can set up the Amazon Smart Plug easily and have control of all of this plug's features, including voice control, scheduling, and controlling the power. However, you'll need to connect the plug to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, so you can't just configure it with Alexa and call it a day.

With the Amazon Smart Plug, you can create Alexa Routines seamlessly, making it the perfect plug for those with an Alexa ecosystem. The Amazon Smart Plug also has a space-saving rectangular build best suited for outlets with vertically stacked sockets.

amazon smart plug
Amazon Smart Plug
Best Amazon Alexa Smart Plug

The best smart plug for your Echo smart speaker or smart display is manufactured by Amazon, of course. Just know that it only works with Alexa!

Best Smart Plug for Google Assistant: Govee Smart Plug

Govee Smart Plug



✓ Great for Google Assistant

✗ Not compatible with HomeKit

✓ Four-pack option is good value for money

✗ Purchasing a single unit is less cost-effective

✓ Grouping Function

✓ Auto-reconnect feature

With four smart plugs included in this pack, the Govee Smart Plug represents value for money for Google Assistant-led smart homes. These circular smart plugs also work with Amazon Alexa and have a discreet and unobtrusive design that allows them to blend into the background, while still providing you with the smart functionality that you're looking for.

Supporting Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, this smart plug doesn't require a home hub and provides a stable and reliable connection for your devices. Installation is simple and fuss-free and you'll find plenty of options for customization through the Govee app.

Enjoy seamless voice and remote control of your devices, setting custom timers and schedules for individual outlets. Or tether those commands to multiple outlets if you prefer, thanks to Govee's Grouping Function, which enables connected devices to work in harmony with one another.

Manufactured from fire-resistant ABS material and with built-in overload protection as well, the Govee Smart Plug is a safe choice for any home. And with its auto-reconnection feature, you can rest assured that this smart plug will get itself back on track as quickly as possible, following any sort of power outage.

A great choice for Google Assistant smart homes, this smart plug four-pack is one of the most cost-effective options if you're looking to benefit from whole home coverage.

govee smart plug-1
Govee Smart Plug
Best Smart Plug for Google Assistant

The Govee Smart Plug is ideal for Google Assistant users. With a discreet design, no home hub requirement, and efficient voice control for your connected devices, this four-pack is a cost-effective choice for whole-home coverage.  

Best Smart Plug For Apple HomeKit: Eve Energy Matter Smart Plug

Eve Energy Matter Smart Plug



✓ Cross-platform versatility with Matter

✗ Expensive

✓ Great for protecting personal data

✗ Requires a hub for your chosen platform

✓ Plenty of customization via the Eve app

✓ Energy consumption tracking for HomeKit users

The Eve Energy (Matter) Smart Plug is an excellent (albeit rather expensive) option if you want a smart plug that works with Apple HomeKit. It also works with Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings, offering voice assistant control for a broad range of smart home integrations.

Plus, as this is a Matter-enabled smart plug, the good news is that it allows cross-platform control for different phones and smart assistants, so you don't need to worry about compatibility. You just need to ensure that you have a hub installed for your chosen platform, and you're good to go.

Setup is quick and easy, using your preferred platform's app or voice assistant, and you can enjoy complete freedom to set custom schedules for your attached devices or appliances. And for the security-conscious among you, the Eve Energy (Matter) Smart Plug offers 100% privacy, with no Eve cloud or bridge, and no registration or tracking, either.

Naturally, you'll pay a premium for this security, and this is the only real sticking point with this remarkable smart plug. At just under $40 for a single outlet plug, it's certainly not the cheapest option for decking out your whole home.

However, this is still a powerhouse among smart plugs. Cross-platform convenience, data security, and all the customization options you can shake a stick at. Plus, for HomeKit users, the Eve app lets you track your energy consumption too, giving you valuable insights that could help you move towards a more energy-efficient home.

Eve Energy Matter Smart Plug Tag
Eve Energy Smart Plug
Best Smart Plug for HomeKit

Enjoy multi-platform functionality with this Matter-enabled smart plug, while keeping your data secure. With energy consumption tracking for Apple HomeKit users, the Eve Energy Matter Smart Plug makes a great choice for seamless smart home integration.     


What are smart plugs?

A smart plug is a small power adapter inserted between an appliance and your electrical outlet. They are Wi-Fi-enabled, so power to the connected appliance can be controlled remotely from a mobile device or by using a voice assistant such as Siri or Alexa.

What do you use a smart plug for?

Smart plugs allow you to schedule or automate when almost any appliance or device is turned on or off. You could remotely turn on lights when you are away from home to increase security, or schedule power to your coffee maker 15 minutes before your morning alarm.

How do you set up a smart plug?

Insert the plug into the electrical outlet and check that it is powered on. Open the companion app for the smart plug on your phone or tablet, and follow the instructions to find and connect the plug to your Wi-Fi network. Some plugs may also need to be connected to a bridge or smart home hub.

Do smart plugs save energy?

There are numerous ways smart plugs can be used to save energy and help reduce your bills. You can use them to automatically turn off energy vampires overnight or to turn off lights remotely that you forgot to kill before you left home. Some even have built-in energy monitors to help you better understand your biggest energy drains.

Are smart plugs safe?

Generally, smart plugs are safe as long as you follow the same guidelines you would with any electrical outlet. Don't overload the socket, don't get it wet, etc. There have been concerns about hackers being able to take control of smart devices through flaws in smart plug security. These security holes are uncommon and usually quickly fixed when discovered.