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The Best Smart Plugs of 2024

Looking for the best smart plugs for your needs? We have the perfect picks for you.

A lamp with a LED bulb turned off 1
How to Schedule Lights with Amazon Alexa

Alexa Routines can really light up your world.

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro flashing a white light 1
The Best Video Doorbells of 2023

Monitor your front door to keep your home safe using one of these video doorbells.

The Best Smart Home Devices of 2023

Upgrade to the ultimate smart home using these devices.

Top-down view of the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra 1
The Best Robot Vacuums of 2023

Tired of constantly cleaning your floors? You'll want to grab one of these awesome robot vacuums.

The Best Air Purifiers of 2023

Want a healthier living space with clean air? Use one of these air purifiers.

The Best Smart Locks of 2023

Use one of these smart locks to improve your home security.

The Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers of 2023

Save on your water bills and protect your lawn using these smart sprinkler controllers.

The Best SSDs for Gaming in 2023

Power up your gaming console or rig using one of these gaming SSDs.

SwitchBot Outdoor Spotlight Cam 1
The Best Home Security Systems of 2023

Safeguard your home using one of these smart home security systems.

What Is a Smart Plug?

Smart plugs are an easy way to make any electrical outlet, well, smarter!

A computer monitor being used for gaming, surrounded by RGB lighting. 1
What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor

Consider what you need and what's important before you buy.

Man sitting in an office chair and clutching his back in pain. 1
6 Posture Mistakes to Avoid When Sitting at Your Desk

Doing any of these can lead to problems down the road.

Home studio microphone in front of a laptop. 1
Headset Microphones vs. Standalone: Which Is Better?

Learn which one delivers the best experience for chat, podcasting, and live-streaming.

Overhead view of a person sitting at a desk using a computer. 1
What's the Best Distance to Sit Away From Your Monitor?

Want to reduce eye strain and fatigue?

Closeup of the SteelSeries logo on a gaming mouse pad. 1
Gaming vs. Regular Mouse Pads: What's the Difference?

Are they just for gamers, or can others benefit from their added features?

A mouse pad with a wrist rest and a wireless mouse on top of it. 1
How to Choose the Perfect Mouse Pad

A mouse pad with these features is a must!

A gaming chair with black and red accents. 1
Gaming Chairs vs. Office Chairs: What's the Difference?

Here are the key features that set these two apart.

A mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB backlighting. 1
Gaming Keyboards vs. Keyboards: What's the Difference?

One of these will make your typing experience much better.

RGB-lit keyboard with an illuminated PC tower in the background. 1
5 Convenient Macros to Assign to Your Keyboard

Annoyed by repetitive tasks? Don't hate, automate!

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