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Person using Interpreter mode on the Samsung Galaxy S24. 1
Samsung's Flashy Galaxy AI Tools Won't Be Free Forever

The AI-powered features will cost money after 2025.

Microsoft Copilot logo 1
Copilot Pro Brings AI Features to Your Microsoft Office Apps

The new subscription unlocks AI-powered features in Office apps and the Copilot chatbot.

Sundar Pichai on stage at Google IO 2023 announcing Gemini. 1
What Is Multimodal AI?

There’s a new AI buzzword in town.

Person wearing a Meta Quest 3 headset. 1
How to Play Steam VR Games on Meta Quest With Steam Link

Wires? Where we're going we don't need wires.

CES Signage at CES 2024. 1
The ChatGPT logo over a pink background. 1
ChatGPT's Store of Custom Chatbots is Finally Live

Lots of options to choose from.

A man adjusting a Bigscreen Beyond VR headset on his head. 1
VR vs. AR vs. MR: Types of Digital Reality Explained

VR, AR, and MR all share certain traits, but in what ways do they differ, and where can you find them today?

A Tesla destination charger at Yeoju Premium Outlet parking lot with a white car plugged in and charging. 1
Charge Your Tesla For Free? How Destination Chargers Work

Tesla's Destination chargers are useful tools for your travels. But how do they work?

Front profile view of a gray VW ID.4 1
Are EVs Cheaper Than ICEs?

EVs may seem pricey, but are they more expensive than ICEs overall?

Microsoft Copilot logo 1
How to Instantly Create Songs Using Microsoft Copilot

Unlock your inner rock star with Suno... maybe.

The Copilot AI logo on a keyboard key. 1
Microsoft's Copilot AI Is Coming to Your Keyboard

Several new laptops will feature a dedicated Copilot key in 2024.

Person making a call on the Nothing Phone (2). 1
How to Defend Yourself Against AI Voice Cloning Scams

"Hey Janelle. What's wrong with Wolfie?"

Qualcomm reference design XR headset with Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 logo 1
Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 Will Power Google and Samsung’s VR Headsets

Qualcomm has revealed details about its upcoming chipset for VR and AR devices.

The ChatGPT logo over a pink background. 1
What Is an LLM? How AI Holds Conversations

LLMs are an incredibly exciting technology, but how do they work?

Meta Quest 2 headset and halo controllers 1
Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Will Stay at Its Black Friday Price

The Quest 2 has changed prices several times since its introduction.

Microsoft Copilot logo 1
Microsoft Copilot AI Now Has an iPhone App

Start 2024 by supercharging your iPhone with AI.

Close up of the ChatGPT logo on an Apple iPhone 14 Pro. 1
A photo of the Tesla Supercharger. 1
Can I Charge My Non-Tesla at a Tesla Charging Station?

Tesla's charging stations are widespread, but are they an option for non-Tesla EV drivers?

Crypto Virtual Museum and Metaverse internet NFT display as a futuristic streaming media symbol as augmented reality and computer media concept in a 3D illustration style. 1
A Look Back on NFTs: Where Are They Now?

NFTs were once hugely popular, but are they still relevant?

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